caleb – 10 months

wow…i meant to post this last week! i’m so behind. in every area of my life. here’s to gaining some ground and trying to stay sane in the midst of it all!

caleb, my dear baby boy, you are 10 months old and such a little grown up!

– you really got the hang of eating those tiny puffs and we’ve moved on to the ‘cheetoh’ style snacks as well. you LOVE to eat. we have cut back on baby foods, but you will eat most veggies and fruits!

-i’m assuming you weigh about the same (21lbs), but i’m not sure

-you wear 9-12 month clothes and 18 month pajamas (they’re easier to put on after you take a bath) and size 4 diaper.

– you love being outside (what kid doesn’t). you have joined me on a few jogs at the park and you are just the most content baby riding along in your stroller. you fed geese for the first time with your grandpa. you weren’t quite sure if you should trust those greedy pests, but you stared and smiled anyway.

– you think dogs are the funniest thing God ever created! one night at bible study the dog there just layed on the ground to fall asleep and you could NOT stop giggling! you especially like it when they run to fetch a ball and bring it to you.

-you are CRAWLING!. wow, it’s still pretty crazy being a part of this big milestone. you get around really well. i must say you are less whiny now that you can get things you want. i just have to watch those little fingers when they’re grabbing for things they shouldn’t!

-last month you were obsessed with our teeth and mouth (i guess because you were busy growing four of your own!) and this month you like to touch our eyes.

-your favorite toys aren’t toys at all

-you are sleeping so great! you are a bit congested right now which prevents an easy transition to naps, but once you are asleep around 7:30 at night…you don’t wake up until 8:00! i’m so thankful for that extra time to get things picked up before you take them out again. 🙂

-i think you did this last month, but i’m not sure if i wrote it down. you are really great at turning pages of books. it’s one of your most favorite things to do. you don’t even have to be read to! you just want to turn pages. that’s why we’re throwing you a book themed birthday party! more books for you!

-we always play “where’s daddy?” “where’s mommy?” “where’s caleb” with you. you know who everyone is and you turn to look at them and smile when we ask you. you like it when we put blankets over your head and you dig your way out so we can find you. you laugh and giggle.

-you can wave bye. it’s about the cutest thing i’ve ever seen! just the way your little hand squeezes open and closed. i make you wave at everyone! ha!

-other than squealing and babbling you make the sound “hi” and “yeah, yeah, yeah” a lot even though you’re not responding to anyone or anything. it’s just cute to see you using ‘real’ words and i get a glimpse of what you will be like in just a few short months.

– you are still the most content baby i’ve ever been around. there was a time before you were crawling that you went through separation anxiety. it lasted about a week and it was a ROUGH week! you couldn’t even look at anyone without tearing up. but, you’re back to ‘normal’ and you love when we go to church, bible study, or when people come over.

we love you so very much, belac tnarg! and we are having so much fun watching you learn and grow!

3 comments on “caleb – 10 months

  1. mom henson says:

    I can’t even begin. So much to comment on. Tomorrow maybe? I will say, I absolutely LOVE the pic of C and your Dad. That is precious! The color and composition, the subjects……one-of-a-kind!

  2. sarah ramak says:

    10 month post!!! yay! I’ve really been looking forward to this post and you did not disappoint! Caleb is getting so big and doing so many things. He is an amazing child and I love him so much! I never knew I could love someone so much that i’d never met (officially). He is great and this post is great. And all a tribute to how amazing his mom and dad are! Congrats on his cuteness! He has the best parents ever….and I love his first birthday party theme. I wish I could come! Thanks for the post!

  3. mom henson says:

    His face melts my heart! I loved facetiming (is that a word?) with him this morning and can’t get enough of him!!! These pictures are amazing as usual.

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