project 52: week 8

the last two week’s projects have coincided with photo sessions. on those weeks, i find myself shooting less outside of work (that’s why i only do one session a week) which is kind of sad.

this week, though, i was able to find some hidden passion after one of my mamatography workshops and picked up my camera to capture my baby CRAWLING for the first time!

something i love: watching my baby learn and grow

i’m only posting one photo since i will be doing a full 10 month blog post soon!

he started crawling a day before his 10 month birthday! it’s so fun to watch him. he still wobbles, but when he finally gets to his destination (or toy) he smiles a big triumphant smile and it makes me laugh.

(look at his leg…he’s coming to get me!)



2 comments on “project 52: week 8

  1. Dane says:

    I can’t WAIT to see the 10 month post. I also can’t wait to see my son crawl for the first time. Maybe we can coax him to do it tonight when I get home.

  2. mom henson says:

    Such a big boy! I love these pictures!!! Can’t wait to see him in a couple of months. UGGH! That’s too long!

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