project 52: week 6

(i’m trying to catch up!)

things i love: eye shadow

well, really all kind of eye makeup. eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow.

this week’s photo is very surface level. and somewhat vain. ha! but, it’s something i love. i don’t wear much makeup. no foundation and no blush. and i only wear eye makeup if we are going out for fellowship or a date.

i guess that’s why i like it so much. i wear it on ‘special’ occasions.

which is usually only three days a week right now.

it truly is my adult ‘dress up’ time and it’s kinda fun!

3 comments on “project 52: week 6

  1. sarah ramak says:

    these things are pretty and look pretty on you! I’ve always admired that about you and nicole. I think i look like a *ahem* lady of the night with eye makeup on but you both look so beautiful and ethereal…(i had to look that up to make sure i used it right…i did)…Thanks for this picture and post!

  2. kelsey says:

    love the mirror with your “tools”. very cute.

  3. mom henson says:

    I agree Sarah! They look amazing with or without make-up as do you, miss beautiful!

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