confessions of a mombrain chapter 3

i misplaced my phone.

as a mom with mombrain i have learned that i need to pick just a few places and just leave my phone there.  you know, like your keys.

it’s usually in the diaper bag, the coffee table, or my nightsand.


today, it wasn’t in any of those places.  i know because i checked 47 times.

i try not to tell dane about my mombrain issues.  i’m still waiting for dadbrain to kick in so maybe he will have a better understanding.

but he could see i was in distress about something.

“what it is, babe?”

“oh, nothing, i just can’t seem to find my phone.”

“you were just talking on it”

see, he doesn’t get it!  it doesn’t matter if i just had it in my hand! when mombrain takes over…it takes over.

“yeah, i know, um…would you just call it for me, please?”

he’s across the room and was about to start helping me with the search. i love him for that. always willing to help.  anyway he picks up his phone, dials my number, and selects speakerphone so we could both hear the ringing tone.

a very muffled voice that sounds a lot like ray lamontagne is heard

“i hear it!” i say, because i did hear it.

dane began craning his neck to see if he could distinguish where, exactly, the sound was coming from. he even squinted his eyes to help him listen better. we are both listening intently and know it’s coming from somewhere near the chair (which is right next to me). a split second before i jam my fist into the cushion, dane wraps his arms around me and reaches into my front sweatshirt pocket.

“it’s right here”

“oh, THERE IT IS!!!! you found it! thank you!”

he chuckles and says, “mombrain”

then he kisses my head and walks away. and i smile. because he gets it. he soooo gets it. and he gets me.

he knows i will forever have mombrain. he chooses to love me anyway.

2 comments on “confessions of a mombrain chapter 3

  1. Lauren Zaffos says:

    🙂 Beautifully written and so, so true.

  2. mom henson says:

    He is such a sweetie!!!!!! Of course he loves your mombrain! Who wouldn’t?

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