project 52: week 5 (again)

a place i am thankful for: my house

it rained ice needles this week.

schools were closed for four days straight.

roads (and porches) were dangerous.

i haven’t left the house since monday (it’s now friday).

we experienced temperatures of just one digit.

and then, on the very last day of this freeze out…it snowed.

a fluffy, soft snow.

bunny snow.

snow cone snow.

snowman snow.

beautiful snow.

and now the blinds are open and baby and i are cuddled up watching the white fall from the sky.

i am thankful for our just-the-right-size home to keep us warm so we don’t have to endure the cold nights.

and still allow us to enjoy the cold weather (if we want to)

3 comments on “project 52: week 5 (again)

  1. kelsey says:

    if only i were a teacher in dfw….then i could come and watch movies/roast marshmallows with yall! we were only out one day this week and late started two days. i am thankful that i will be able to be outside more in the summer instead of having to make up school days.

    miss yall!

  2. mom henson says:

    So beautiful! I love that pic of the berries and icicles. Snowcone Snow…I want one. MMMMMMM!

  3. nixiepixie83 says:

    yay for snow! somehow, it makes me really happy, knowing that you have had deep snow, too! we are twins. i LOVE you!!!!

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