caleb – 10 months

wow…i meant to post this last week! i’m so behind. in every area of my life. here’s to gaining some ground and trying to stay sane in the midst of it all!

caleb, my dear baby boy, you are 10 months old and such a little grown up!

– you really got the hang of eating those tiny puffs and we’ve moved on to the ‘cheetoh’ style snacks as well. you LOVE to eat. we have cut back on baby foods, but you will eat most veggies and fruits!

-i’m assuming you weigh about the same (21lbs), but i’m not sure

-you wear 9-12 month clothes and 18 month pajamas (they’re easier to put on after you take a bath) and size 4 diaper.

– you love being outside (what kid doesn’t). you have joined me on a few jogs at the park and you are just the most content baby riding along in your stroller. you fed geese for the first time with your grandpa. you weren’t quite sure if you should trust those greedy pests, but you stared and smiled anyway.

– you think dogs are the funniest thing God ever created! one night at bible study the dog there just layed on the ground to fall asleep and you could NOT stop giggling! you especially like it when they run to fetch a ball and bring it to you.

-you are CRAWLING!. wow, it’s still pretty crazy being a part of this big milestone. you get around really well. i must say you are less whiny now that you can get things you want. i just have to watch those little fingers when they’re grabbing for things they shouldn’t!

-last month you were obsessed with our teeth and mouth (i guess because you were busy growing four of your own!) and this month you like to touch our eyes.

-your favorite toys aren’t toys at all

-you are sleeping so great! you are a bit congested right now which prevents an easy transition to naps, but once you are asleep around 7:30 at night…you don’t wake up until 8:00! i’m so thankful for that extra time to get things picked up before you take them out again. 🙂

-i think you did this last month, but i’m not sure if i wrote it down. you are really great at turning pages of books. it’s one of your most favorite things to do. you don’t even have to be read to! you just want to turn pages. that’s why we’re throwing you a book themed birthday party! more books for you!

-we always play “where’s daddy?” “where’s mommy?” “where’s caleb” with you. you know who everyone is and you turn to look at them and smile when we ask you. you like it when we put blankets over your head and you dig your way out so we can find you. you laugh and giggle.

-you can wave bye. it’s about the cutest thing i’ve ever seen! just the way your little hand squeezes open and closed. i make you wave at everyone! ha!

-other than squealing and babbling you make the sound “hi” and “yeah, yeah, yeah” a lot even though you’re not responding to anyone or anything. it’s just cute to see you using ‘real’ words and i get a glimpse of what you will be like in just a few short months.

– you are still the most content baby i’ve ever been around. there was a time before you were crawling that you went through separation anxiety. it lasted about a week and it was a ROUGH week! you couldn’t even look at anyone without tearing up. but, you’re back to ‘normal’ and you love when we go to church, bible study, or when people come over.

we love you so very much, belac tnarg! and we are having so much fun watching you learn and grow!

project 52: week 8

the last two week’s projects have coincided with photo sessions. on those weeks, i find myself shooting less outside of work (that’s why i only do one session a week) which is kind of sad.

this week, though, i was able to find some hidden passion after one of my mamatography workshops and picked up my camera to capture my baby CRAWLING for the first time!

something i love: watching my baby learn and grow

i’m only posting one photo since i will be doing a full 10 month blog post soon!

he started crawling a day before his 10 month birthday! it’s so fun to watch him. he still wobbles, but when he finally gets to his destination (or toy) he smiles a big triumphant smile and it makes me laugh.

(look at his leg…he’s coming to get me!)



project 52: week 7

place i love: the couch!

each morning caleb and i eat breakfast on the couch. afterwards, i read the bible while he plays with a spatula (or some other miscellaneous toy) and then we cuddle, tickle, laugh for a few minutes until i put him on the floor for playtime. sometimes, we’ll hang out longer if i’m in the mood for watching a morning show.

one morning, the light was coming in just perfectly and i knew i wanted to remember this sweet time with my boy.

he loves giving hugs and kisses. and being in your lap. he is just the happiest boy.

project 52: week 6

(i’m trying to catch up!)

things i love: eye shadow

well, really all kind of eye makeup. eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow.

this week’s photo is very surface level. and somewhat vain. ha! but, it’s something i love. i don’t wear much makeup. no foundation and no blush. and i only wear eye makeup if we are going out for fellowship or a date.

i guess that’s why i like it so much. i wear it on ‘special’ occasions.

which is usually only three days a week right now.

it truly is my adult ‘dress up’ time and it’s kinda fun!

1 john 2 stuff

i must confess that i have let the too many things of this world stress me out this week. this is why i know i could never go back to work full time and still be the loving, caring mom that i’m trying to be. it’s just too much. i take on too much. my husband tells me this all the time.

i went out of town and stayed overnight at my mom’s house this week. it was an unplanned trip so i was a bit frazzled to say the least. caleb, who is notorious for being such a content baby, sensed my stress and wanted nothing to do with mimi, pa, auntie, or anywhere else than on mommy’s hip. which just added to my stress. at one point, he was sitting on my lap and my sister was clapping with him. he was laughing and he reached out for her. my heart leapt and i was so happy that he was finally back to ‘normal’. she scooped him up and sat him on her lap (which was right next to me…our knees were touchging!). once he realized where he was, he immediately started sobbing. and it wasn’t just a whine. tears, tears, everywhere.

i didn’t know what to do. i knew it was my fault and i couldn’t fix it. my shoulders were tightening again and i just felt so exhausted. very much like when he was a newborn (which, to this day, is the hardest thing i’ve ever been through…well, besides labor). during all of this, my husband sends me a text message. we rarely communicate during the day unless it’s necessary. his job just doesn’t allow for it.

“And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.” 1 john 2:17 (ESV)

how perfect he is for me. i had not had the chance to discuss anything with him. he knew i was stressed, but had no idea the weight of my worries. i love him dearly! how thankful i am for such a strong leader in my life. where would i be? anyway, we have been studying 1 john  and so i knew the previous passage very well. DO NOT LOVE THE WORLD is the main message (just one of many in this awesome chapter). but, i was greatly encouraged by those two words “passing away”.

what joy i have knowing we are in the final days! the world is passing away. it’s DYING. one day there will be no more sin. everything on earth will be finished! darkness will be light. good will overtake evil. and Truth will reign over all!


hope is so powerful.

put your hope in Jesus. in the fact that we, humans, are a sinful race. we cannot even come near to the Holy One because we, you, I, am wicked and evil. as a matter of fact, we should all be put to death (romans 6:23) in the exact opposite place of God (hell). but, Jesus, sweet and precious Jesus, is the propitiation for our sins! He is righteous! He is our advocate!  and for why would He do that? because God loves us! He wants all of us to know him (1 tim 2:3) and to believe that He sent His Son as a ransom for our sins. and if you, we, i believe in the weight of our depravity and that He came to take our place by dying on the cross for our sins (rom 5:8) and then rose from the dead three days later then you shall be saved and receive the gift of eternal salvation with Him in heaven which is the forgiveness of all sins. but, don’t stop there! sin is a daily battle in which we must continue to confess, ask forgiveness, and repent (1 john 1:9).

all glory and praise be to the One who has placed me in the direction of love and not death.

birthday cake

last week i made my very first birthday cake.

of course, i didn’t have any decorations so i cut out letters from a magazine. logan is my husband’s best friend and he is 27 (again, i had to improvise with the numbers).

anyway, it was a carrot cake and it turned out well.

confessions of a mombrain chapter 3

i misplaced my phone.

as a mom with mombrain i have learned that i need to pick just a few places and just leave my phone there.  you know, like your keys.

it’s usually in the diaper bag, the coffee table, or my nightsand.


today, it wasn’t in any of those places.  i know because i checked 47 times.

i try not to tell dane about my mombrain issues.  i’m still waiting for dadbrain to kick in so maybe he will have a better understanding.

but he could see i was in distress about something.

“what it is, babe?”

“oh, nothing, i just can’t seem to find my phone.”

“you were just talking on it”

see, he doesn’t get it!  it doesn’t matter if i just had it in my hand! when mombrain takes over…it takes over.

“yeah, i know, um…would you just call it for me, please?”

he’s across the room and was about to start helping me with the search. i love him for that. always willing to help.  anyway he picks up his phone, dials my number, and selects speakerphone so we could both hear the ringing tone.

a very muffled voice that sounds a lot like ray lamontagne is heard

“i hear it!” i say, because i did hear it.

dane began craning his neck to see if he could distinguish where, exactly, the sound was coming from. he even squinted his eyes to help him listen better. we are both listening intently and know it’s coming from somewhere near the chair (which is right next to me). a split second before i jam my fist into the cushion, dane wraps his arms around me and reaches into my front sweatshirt pocket.

“it’s right here”

“oh, THERE IT IS!!!! you found it! thank you!”

he chuckles and says, “mombrain”

then he kisses my head and walks away. and i smile. because he gets it. he soooo gets it. and he gets me.

he knows i will forever have mombrain. he chooses to love me anyway.

training update

welp, i’m still training for a 10k.

barely, though.

after the ice/snow storm hit last week and me almost getting sick (yay! still haven’t been sick this season!) my training has been slow coming. yesterday, i restarted week 4 (even though i’ve already done it) because i missed an entire week!  i have to admit…it was tough! i only jogged for a total of 20 minutes, but my body was not quite ready after a long break. lesson learned: don’t take that much time off! hopefully, i can train around our snow this week (it’s supposed to snow tomorrow and then warm up again for the weekend).

as far as weight loss – i’m kind of stuck in a winter slump (but, i haven’t gained!). i eat really great during the week, but the weekends i really slack off. the cold just zaps my motivation and energy. what has helped is my goal to stay on budget! it helps remind me that i need to cook more often and eat out less. it’s worked so far! we try and eat raw during the day and then a somewhat healthy meal for dinner.  i will usually have a HUGE salad with a side of the entree while dane does the opposite. so, even at dinner, i try to make 2/3 of my meal greens or some kind of veggie.

here, i’ll share a new recipe! we had this last night…i doubled it and we’ll be eating it tonight, too!

2 cups diced potatoes (i used new potatoes and left them pretty big chunks)
7 oz (or 1 package) sliced turkey sausage (chopped the same size as potatoes)
1/2 diced onion (not the same size as the potatoes lol)
1/2 c fat free chicken broth
1 T olive oil
1 T garlic powder
1. place diced potatoes and onions in microwave for 3-4 minutes or until soft (you can put the onions in later. i just chopped everything early in the day and had them both in the same container.)
2. brown sausage in large pan
3. take sausage out of pan and add potatoes and onions. cook for about 5 minutes with some olive oil and garlic powder.
4. add sausage back in and mix with chicken broth. cook until most, if not all, the liquid is gone. i think it was about 10 minutes more.
serve with a salad.
if there’s anything to speaks to a man…it’s meat and potatoes. 🙂
and if it’s my man then add in some candy hearts, too.

project 52: week 5 (again)

a place i am thankful for: my house

it rained ice needles this week.

schools were closed for four days straight.

roads (and porches) were dangerous.

i haven’t left the house since monday (it’s now friday).

we experienced temperatures of just one digit.

and then, on the very last day of this freeze out…it snowed.

a fluffy, soft snow.

bunny snow.

snow cone snow.

snowman snow.

beautiful snow.

and now the blinds are open and baby and i are cuddled up watching the white fall from the sky.

i am thankful for our just-the-right-size home to keep us warm so we don’t have to endure the cold nights.

and still allow us to enjoy the cold weather (if we want to)

baby book(s)

it will come as no surprise to you that i enjoy writing. it’s not always grammatically correct or inspiring, but i really love written (or typed) words.

i currently have four baby ‘books’ for caleb.  one is very detailed (first this, first that), another is a journal where i write letters to him, another is typed text about all of his milestones, and the newest one is his photo book.

i’m a little obsessed, i know.

but, he’s my baby. my baby. and i have to find a way to keep him that way.

anyway, in this book i hope to include just one photo (of each month) per spread and write a few sentences to sum up his personality during that time. and then add a verse that i have quoted to him sometime during his life…and hope to someday design and print them for his room.

the idea is in my head, but i’ve only actually done 3 spreads so far.  my goal is to have it done by his birthday so i can display it at his party.

here’s the latest one…