project 52: week 5

things i love: photography

i love the creative outlet it provides for me, the friends i have met, and the clients i get to know. i was going to make a list (because i just love making lists) of all the people it has brought into my life, but i fear i would leave someone out or i would be here writing for days!

when i decided to start a business 2 years ago i never dreamed it would be this fun. no, i am not rich off of my ‘earnings’, but i (usually) only take photos of events/people that i thoroughly enjoy. and that is worth more, to me, than a big house and fancy clothes. because, if i’m going to spend any amount of time away from my family then it HAS to be something i love to do.

but, it took me a long time to get here. like most photographers, my interest started when i was a little girl. my dad bought me my first pink polaroid instant camera (i was so disappointed to learn that you don’t really have to ‘shake’ the photos for development) when i was about 6.  i didn’t know anything about lighting or composition, but i loved to practice! in high school, it became more serious when i joined the yearbook. my mom bought me my first 35mm film camera sometime around then (2001 or 2002) and i wasted used so many rolls! i volunteered to attend all the sporting events (even the boring jr. high ones) to photograph them.

one bad batch of developed film from walgreens in 2006 and i was DONE with film! the industry was moving to digital anyway, so i asked for a DSLR for graduation. of course, i never thought this would be my profession. it was my hobby. and i wasn’t any good. so, i stuck to my math degree and decided to become a teacher. a respectable, steady job all the while practicing on my friends and family.

the same year i became a full time teacher, i booked my first client. a year later i officially launched my business (with a tax ID and everything!).

um, wow…did not mean for this to turn into my photography history!

to sum it up: pursue the things you love. even if you don’t think you can make any money. better yet, pursue the things you love especially if you don’t think you can make any money. and then later on when you’re all practiced up and know exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life (for me, it’s portraits and not weddings) then allow it to happen.

One comment on “project 52: week 5

  1. mom henson says:

    Haha! Loved reading the history of one of my favorite photographers! God blessed you and we get to reap the benefits of your journey! Yay!!!!

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