caleb – 9 months


weight: 21lbs 4oz (53rd %ile)

height: 28in (48th %ile)

head: 18.25 (90th %ile)

i had been waiting on our doc visit monday to post this update. caleb had his 9 month birthday on friday, the 21st! what a relief these numbers brought to my heavy heart! if you follow my photography blog then you know after his 6 month checkup in october, i pretty much lost it. i KNOW that those numbers are only a part of what makes my my baby, but it was still a hard time for me. aaaaaaand, we didn’t have to get vaccines this time (i say that like i have to get them, too….let’s face it…it’s harder for us mamas when our babies get shots!)

i have lots of photos to share. they are all from our california trip as i didn’t do a great job documenting this month (and we spent an entire week there), but they really do show what he’s been learning this month.

he is still oh, so happy and content. he is just the sweetest little guy. he lets anyone hold him and he doesn’t show signs of a ‘mama’s boy’ unless it’s right after nap…and then he’s all mine. πŸ™‚

he is standing better on his own. my dad got him a standing/walker toy and he loves to stand and play (with supervision, of course!). it’s so hard to learn to crawl or stand if you play on hard wood floors! especially in the winter. so, that’s something we are working on this month.

he is almost crawling! he gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. he looks at his toy (strategically placed a few feet away) then looks down at his as if to say, “come on hands…GO GET IT!”. this goes on for about 5 minutes until he gets completely frustrated and falls to his tummy.

he still puts everything into his mouth. except for those baby snack puffs? we gave him some of those for the first time a few days ago and he’s still trying to figure out what he’s supposed to do with them!

he still enjoys seeing himself in mirrors, camera screens, and videos! he’s pretty much in love with himself (and who can blame him?)

he went to the beach for the first time! and ate sand for the first time! (um, i LOVE those little lines on his leg left by his socks. i *heart* baby chub!)

the pacific is cooooold. especially if you’re from texas and your ‘beach’ is the gulf! nothing like the pacific. caleb didn’t care too much for the water, but we had to let him feel it…for learning purposes. πŸ™‚


still adores bath time with dadz! i absolutely love when his eyelashes are wet. they make those gorgeous eyes stand out just a bit more. and even though he’s not wearing clothes in this pic i think it’s only appropriate to take a moment to document what size he’s wearing these days. for clothes: 12 mos. size 4 diapers and toddler sized hats!

he took his first stroll in san francisco (it was also his first time to miss a nap in san francisco…notice the paci and droopy eyes).

he started sucking his thumb. and it’s about the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. especially when he grabs his little nose with that forefinger. I DIE!

some other fun things about his development this month:

he learned to wave. Β he signed ‘more’ about 10 times during one meal. he’s only done it a few times since then. cut his first two teeth (one on january 1st and one on january 17th). hmmm….i’m sure there’s a million more things, but it seems mombrain has taken over my head for now.


3 comments on “caleb – 9 months

  1. sarah ramak says:

    oh my heart was so warmed by this post!!! I must have scrolled up and down like 5 times! I loved these pictures and can’t believe how much he’s learning!! He’s growing up too fast!!! Thank you for sharing these!!!

  2. mom henson says:

    My oh my! You have fully captured the week through the eyes of Mr. Caleb. He is more adorable than words can say. I, too, love how he sucks his thumb. And you nailed it about how he tries to move his hands when in the “crawl” position. Just can’t get it yet, but he is on the verge.

    Sigh. Sweet memories.

  3. mom henson says:

    3rd time looking at these. I LOVE the one where his feet touch the same seas that his daddy used to swim in. Sigh. Beautiful sunny surf!!

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