live what you love

go here to give proper photo credits and buy other letterpress artwork

i will, someday, have this painted on one wall in my living room.  or in my office.  or framed in my bedroom. or maybe tacked to my bulletin board in the kitchen.

or just stuck in an etsy cart waiting to be purchased. hehe.

i love knowing Jesus. and worshiping God. and having fellowship with other Believers.

i love being a wife to dane. and that i am, in some ways, the only one who can take care of him or make him feel better. i love that he is the leader of my home. and i love learning new ways to submit to that.

i love the early mornings for my time in the Word.

i love, love being at home everyday. to spend time with my son and taking care of my home. i love teaching him sign language and reading to him in an animated voice. i love that he enjoys the changing table because he knows i will sing him something. i love going into his room at naptime to grab some dirty laundry and peek in on him while he sleeps. i love praying with him and reading to him from the Bible.

i love that it is always positive in our home. and that we don’t waste our time and breath being negative to one another. i love that we share time in prayer and in the Word together. i love when dane quotes scripture and encourages me in my walk with the Lord.

i love that i don’t provide for my family financially. and how much i have learned from stepping down from that role.

i love learning about parenting with dane. i love disciplining with encouragement from dane and the Word. and i love praying over our family each night.

i love photography and everything it has done for me. and the people it brought into my life. i love that i can be creative and that others can enjoy it, too.

i love everything about my life.

i love to be living what i love.

2 comments on “live what you love

  1. sarah ramak says:


  2. mom henson says:

    i love YOU, SHABABE!!! You are counted as one of the greatest gifts God ever gave me!

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