one of those days…

it’s been one of those days where you

strip off the sheets

disinfect the mattress

rip off clothes

(socks included)

wipe down

wipe down again

wipe some more

tear off changing pad sheet

disinfect changing pad

(and table)

start washer

add two cups of detergent

throw the massive pile of blankets and sheets (and buddy bear) into the washer

wipe one more time

fill sink with warm water

half bathe naked baby

splash water with said baby

redress same baby

place clean sheets in crib

grab extra buddy bear

pat, pat, pat

carry trash out to trash can

move clothes from washer to dryer


scrub all over

scrub some more


yeah, it’s been one of those days. but, i’m so thankful that it was just an ‘accident’ and nothing serious like the stomach bug.  tomorrow morning, i’ll only feed him half the apples i made. 🙂

3 comments on “one of those days…

  1. Oncor Man says:

    What’s worse is when you put those sheets back on and the man side of the sheets look like the creature from the black lagoon has been sleeping there… it’s the kind of dirt that even showers won’t wash out of my pores. Thank you for all of your hard work. I am blessed to have you as my wife and friend.

  2. Lauren Zaffos says:

    sounds like a day! 🙂

  3. mom henson says:

    Oh how well I remember those days! When you first try to take in the scene of the accident, you become momentarily paralyzed. Then the mom-genes kick in and step by step you try to return everything to normal. SCRUBSCRUBSCRUB!

    Love you my beautiful daughter-in-love!

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