blogs i love: i can teach my child

my good friend, sherre, led me to this site.

who it is: Jenae (i think?) is a former first grade teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education and now stays at home with her two little boys.

what you’ll find: activities for children birth-5 years that are EASY and CHEAP to do at home and in all kinds of weather.


why i love it: it’s all about homeschooling PRIOR to school age! that’s something i wanted to do as part of my new year’s resolutions!

from what i can see, she hasn’t been blogging that long, but already has so many activities to do (and a huge following).

One comment on “blogs i love: i can teach my child

  1. mom henson says:

    What a GREAT site! Life would have been quite a bit easier if I’d had the internet to help me raise my babies. We fumbled through though and I wouldn’t change a second of it, especially the homeschooling years! Sigh. Good, good times.

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