paper flower

caleb’s birthday is coming up…in April.  ha!  yes, i have already picked out a theme, colors, decor, and place.  i am one of those moms

but, i only do it way ahead of time so that mom brain will not get the better of me once his birthday is actually upon us.

so, there.  totally justified.

(it always comes back to mom brain)

anyway, i made this paper flower to begin what will be many many craft projects for the party. (that’s also another reason i started planing early)

you can get the tutorial here:’ll prolly be making those party hats, too.

for some reason, my blog is not allowing me to insert a link over text. shoot.


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2 comments on “paper flower

  1. sarah ramak says:

    this is SUPER cute! I wish i could come to his one year party~its gonna be amazing!~!!!

    I LOVE YOU!~

  2. Normi says:

    Oh great! My son is an April baby too. And I’m on the web now looking for birthday party ideas for his first birthday. Actually I landed on your website while I was looking for book-themed parties since we wanted a library-themed party for our little one. Loved how you designed his invitations. 🙂

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