what is mom brain?

so, what is mom brain, you ask?

mom brain is what happens to your brain after you have a baby.  nay, after you get pregnant. it’s a minor disease that has only one cure – 21 pure, uninterrupted hours of sleep. so yeah…there’s no cure. yet.  it affects only the tiny details of your life that seem to make you really, really crazy.

let me give you some examples:

  • today, when i went grocery shopping, i picked out all of my items and was about to check out when i realized i left my wallet in the car. mom brain.
  • at least that was better than not bring it at all…like i did two weeks ago.
  • or the time i drove to the bank, parked, and thought i was at kroger.
  • after my baby shower, i wrote a bazillion thank you notes. i put them in the mailbox and raised the little red flag indicating i had mail to be delivered. i checked later that afternoon and the mailman left them there….no stamps. mom brain.
  • same thing happened when i went to mail my christmas cards. all returned because of no stamps.

(this NEVER happened before caleb. i am/was the most organized person that i know. i remember birthdays, anniversaries, grocery lists without writing it down, and names. now i have mom brain.)

  • i arrived home one day and sat for 30 seconds trying to remember how to pop the trunk of my car. mom brain.
  • found a carton of milk in the cupboard.

i’ve learned to embrace it. and laugh about it.

i think i’ll make a collection and publish it so i can laugh about it later.

do you have mom brain?

3 comments on “what is mom brain?

  1. mom henson says:

    still have mom brain. Wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  2. sarah ramak says:

    oo it sounds like a fun crazy crazy kind of crazy! can’t wait! NOT lol…it will be like returning to being a teenager for me. I did all kinds of stupid things back then. I always laughed about it….later. LOL. I LOVE this new blog!

  3. Normi says:

    I so agree. Glad I landed here. It’s good to know there’s someone who understand how my brains work now. Crazeh mom brain, but happy nonetheless. 😀

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