project 52: week 5

things i love: photography

i love the creative outlet it provides for me, the friends i have met, and the clients i get to know. i was going to make a list (because i just love making lists) of all the people it has brought into my life, but i fear i would leave someone out or i would be here writing for days!

when i decided to start a business 2 years ago i never dreamed it would be this fun. no, i am not rich off of my ‘earnings’, but i (usually) only take photos of events/people that i thoroughly enjoy. and that is worth more, to me, than a big house and fancy clothes. because, if i’m going to spend any amount of time away from my family then it HAS to be something i love to do.

but, it took me a long time to get here. like most photographers, my interest started when i was a little girl. my dad bought me my first pink polaroid instant camera (i was so disappointed to learn that you don’t really have to ‘shake’ the photos for development) when i was about 6.  i didn’t know anything about lighting or composition, but i loved to practice! in high school, it became more serious when i joined the yearbook. my mom bought me my first 35mm film camera sometime around then (2001 or 2002) and i wasted used so many rolls! i volunteered to attend all the sporting events (even the boring jr. high ones) to photograph them.

one bad batch of developed film from walgreens in 2006 and i was DONE with film! the industry was moving to digital anyway, so i asked for a DSLR for graduation. of course, i never thought this would be my profession. it was my hobby. and i wasn’t any good. so, i stuck to my math degree and decided to become a teacher. a respectable, steady job all the while practicing on my friends and family.

the same year i became a full time teacher, i booked my first client. a year later i officially launched my business (with a tax ID and everything!).

um, wow…did not mean for this to turn into my photography history!

to sum it up: pursue the things you love. even if you don’t think you can make any money. better yet, pursue the things you love especially if you don’t think you can make any money. and then later on when you’re all practiced up and know exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life (for me, it’s portraits and not weddings) then allow it to happen.

this song is in my brain…forever

ok, i’ll admit…i don’t like when people embed videos in their blogs because i usually read everything on my phone and sometimes videos just have a hard time loading. i have a baby and mombrain. let’s face it. i don’t need to be anywhere near a computer for long periods of time. that’s why these posts are short and sweet. 🙂

but, but, this song is so fun. and you know that if i am taking time to embed this video from youtube, you KNOW i highly recommend spending 2 minutes and listening to it! (especially if you have kiddos!)

i’m kicking myself for not hearing this months ago and doing a little slideshow or video of caleb when he was ‘5 days old’!

(video notes: the volume is too low…crank up the speakers! and there’s a 15 second ad in the beginning. other than that…good luck keeping this out of your head)

confessions of a mombrain

1. today i wore one earring.  all day.  and it wasn’t on purpose.

2. i also never changed out of my pj’s.

3. while feeding bebe his snack puffs (and while we’re on the subject what are those puffs, anyway?) i ate 5 of them myself. and they were pretty good.

4. i gained 3 lbs on vacation.

5. we went over budget on our ‘restaurant’ money (because we ate out a few times in california), but i went and got soup from chick-fil-a today anyway because i didn’t want to cook.

i’m so glad this is a judgement free zone, right? RIGHT?!!?


caleb – 9 months


weight: 21lbs 4oz (53rd %ile)

height: 28in (48th %ile)

head: 18.25 (90th %ile)

i had been waiting on our doc visit monday to post this update. caleb had his 9 month birthday on friday, the 21st! what a relief these numbers brought to my heavy heart! if you follow my photography blog then you know after his 6 month checkup in october, i pretty much lost it. i KNOW that those numbers are only a part of what makes my my baby, but it was still a hard time for me. aaaaaaand, we didn’t have to get vaccines this time (i say that like i have to get them, too….let’s face it…it’s harder for us mamas when our babies get shots!)

i have lots of photos to share. they are all from our california trip as i didn’t do a great job documenting this month (and we spent an entire week there), but they really do show what he’s been learning this month.

he is still oh, so happy and content. he is just the sweetest little guy. he lets anyone hold him and he doesn’t show signs of a ‘mama’s boy’ unless it’s right after nap…and then he’s all mine. 🙂

he is standing better on his own. my dad got him a standing/walker toy and he loves to stand and play (with supervision, of course!). it’s so hard to learn to crawl or stand if you play on hard wood floors! especially in the winter. so, that’s something we are working on this month.

he is almost crawling! he gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. he looks at his toy (strategically placed a few feet away) then looks down at his as if to say, “come on hands…GO GET IT!”. this goes on for about 5 minutes until he gets completely frustrated and falls to his tummy.

he still puts everything into his mouth. except for those baby snack puffs? we gave him some of those for the first time a few days ago and he’s still trying to figure out what he’s supposed to do with them!

he still enjoys seeing himself in mirrors, camera screens, and videos! he’s pretty much in love with himself (and who can blame him?)

he went to the beach for the first time! and ate sand for the first time! (um, i LOVE those little lines on his leg left by his socks. i *heart* baby chub!)

the pacific is cooooold. especially if you’re from texas and your ‘beach’ is the gulf! nothing like the pacific. caleb didn’t care too much for the water, but we had to let him feel it…for learning purposes. 🙂


still adores bath time with dadz! i absolutely love when his eyelashes are wet. they make those gorgeous eyes stand out just a bit more. and even though he’s not wearing clothes in this pic i think it’s only appropriate to take a moment to document what size he’s wearing these days. for clothes: 12 mos. size 4 diapers and toddler sized hats!

he took his first stroll in san francisco (it was also his first time to miss a nap in san francisco…notice the paci and droopy eyes).

he started sucking his thumb. and it’s about the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. especially when he grabs his little nose with that forefinger. I DIE!

some other fun things about his development this month:

he learned to wave.  he signed ‘more’ about 10 times during one meal. he’s only done it a few times since then. cut his first two teeth (one on january 1st and one on january 17th). hmmm….i’m sure there’s a million more things, but it seems mombrain has taken over my head for now.


live what you love

go here to give proper photo credits and buy other letterpress artwork

i will, someday, have this painted on one wall in my living room.  or in my office.  or framed in my bedroom. or maybe tacked to my bulletin board in the kitchen.

or just stuck in an etsy cart waiting to be purchased. hehe.

i love knowing Jesus. and worshiping God. and having fellowship with other Believers.

i love being a wife to dane. and that i am, in some ways, the only one who can take care of him or make him feel better. i love that he is the leader of my home. and i love learning new ways to submit to that.

i love the early mornings for my time in the Word.

i love, love being at home everyday. to spend time with my son and taking care of my home. i love teaching him sign language and reading to him in an animated voice. i love that he enjoys the changing table because he knows i will sing him something. i love going into his room at naptime to grab some dirty laundry and peek in on him while he sleeps. i love praying with him and reading to him from the Bible.

i love that it is always positive in our home. and that we don’t waste our time and breath being negative to one another. i love that we share time in prayer and in the Word together. i love when dane quotes scripture and encourages me in my walk with the Lord.

i love that i don’t provide for my family financially. and how much i have learned from stepping down from that role.

i love learning about parenting with dane. i love disciplining with encouragement from dane and the Word. and i love praying over our family each night.

i love photography and everything it has done for me. and the people it brought into my life. i love that i can be creative and that others can enjoy it, too.

i love everything about my life.

i love to be living what i love.

one of those days…

it’s been one of those days where you

strip off the sheets

disinfect the mattress

rip off clothes

(socks included)

wipe down

wipe down again

wipe some more

tear off changing pad sheet

disinfect changing pad

(and table)

start washer

add two cups of detergent

throw the massive pile of blankets and sheets (and buddy bear) into the washer

wipe one more time

fill sink with warm water

half bathe naked baby

splash water with said baby

redress same baby

place clean sheets in crib

grab extra buddy bear

pat, pat, pat

carry trash out to trash can

move clothes from washer to dryer


scrub all over

scrub some more


yeah, it’s been one of those days. but, i’m so thankful that it was just an ‘accident’ and nothing serious like the stomach bug.  tomorrow morning, i’ll only feed him half the apples i made. 🙂

blogs i love: i can teach my child

my good friend, sherre, led me to this site.

who it is: Jenae (i think?) is a former first grade teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education and now stays at home with her two little boys.

what you’ll find: activities for children birth-5 years that are EASY and CHEAP to do at home and in all kinds of weather.


why i love it: it’s all about homeschooling PRIOR to school age! that’s something i wanted to do as part of my new year’s resolutions!

from what i can see, she hasn’t been blogging that long, but already has so many activities to do (and a huge following).