Sports Camp

Soooo this has been sitting in the blog queue for quite some time.

Sports Camp (VBS at our church) was in August and it was the first year that Caleb was able to participate.  Just some snaps.  And of course he and his bestie, Jude, were inseparable.









ever since caleb could eat solid food, he’s been drinking “sowmies” (that’s his baby word for smoothies which we still use lovingly).

in the summer, we have them more often because it’s hot and we don’t like to use the oven much. 🙂  it’s also a cheap meal.  but, we use a lot of fruit so it’s a special treat.

dane took these photos one night last week.  caleb LOVES to help with sowmies.  we have terrible lighting in our house and it was the late afternoon so some of them are grainy and/or blurry. 

IMG_1959copy IMG_1960copy IMG_1961copy IMG_1968copy IMG_1969copy IMG_1972copy IMG_1974copy

pregnancy thus far

i haven’t written much about this pregnancy.  mostly because it’s the same boring stuff for most pregnancies.  it’s only interesting if you are the one pregnant.

but i did want to touch on the comparisons of this pregnancy with Elijah and my first pregnancy with Caleb. for myself and also for anyone thinking about hiring a midwife.  i know having your baby in the hospital is still the most popular route.  i’m not here to change your birth plan.  i’m just sharing the vast differences of my experiences.  obviously, birthing at home is on the opposite end of the spectrum as a hospital birth but i didn’t realize how different and awesome the prenatal care would be.

i had a fairly easy pregnancy with caleb up until the third trimester.  we had a lot of transitions during that time so, emotionally, things were out of whack.  physically, i was large and uncomfortable.  two things i knew were normal for the end of a pregnancy.  what i didn’t know was the amount of swelling and varicosity issues i had were severe.  at each appointment i was told to stay away from fried foods (which i did) and drink lots of water (which i struggled with, daily, but i tried to).  my feet swelled everyday within an hour of waking up if i was walking around.  by the end of the day, they felt and looked as if they would pop and were extremely sore to the touch.

i also struggled with sleep and restless leg syndrome.  some days, i would need to sleep in until 11 or 12pm because i was up all night.

i gained 35lbs.  not too bad, compared to some friends and most of America.  but i was at an unhealthy weight before pregnancy so i really only needed to gain between 15-25lbs.  by the end of the pregnancy all healthy eating (whatever that meant to me, i wasn’t that healthy!) went out the window.  i know now this is what mostly contributed to all of my problems.

which is why i am so very thankful that caleb was able to be born without intervention and rather quickly (10 hours after water breaking and 8 hours after labor started) because i knew very little about how the Labor and Delivery ward at the hospital handled things.  i dilated from 2cm to 10cm in three hours.  THREE HOURS.  that was some intense labor and i was told, not asked, numerous times that i should get an epidural and that people rarely make it through without wanting one.  that didn’t help much.  but we made it through and caleb was healthy.

fast forward three years to what i’m still praying is our second full term pregnancy.  i am beyond thrilled to have made it this far carrying Elijah and with ease.  i am currently 29wks 3 days and have started to feel Braxton Hicks contractions everyday.  more so if i don’t drink enough water. i still have varicosity issues.  my varicose veins have spread tremendously.  this is normal for subsequent pregnancies.  this began around week 14.  i also am, um, uncomfortable in some other places of my body because of this.  i won’t get into it but it was much more painful this time around than with caleb.  also normal.  with the help of my midwife we were able to come up with a “plan” that helps me have NO PAIN even though my legs look terrible with spots and busted blood vessels.  this was a huge answer to prayer.  i was gearing myself up for swelling issues and then this comes along! i wasn’t prepared.  i would text my midwife with problems and at each appointment we’d troubleshoot and try something new.  by 25 weeks i had a fairly good system of supplements and a sitting/standing routine.  not too hard.  if i had a “bad” day then i would need to wear my compression pantyhose.  not fun.  but after that appointment i switched to another supplement and upped my fluids.  no pain.  no pantyhose.  and no sitting/standing schedule.  it’s still important that i not walk or stand the entire day but i don’t have to time myself.

i also have NO SWELLING.  there were two days where i did swell.  i drank my fluids and tried alternating sitting and standing every 20 minutes.  it would stay away for most of the day but i had to stay on top of it. i looked at the changes in my diet and medication/supplement routine and found that if i cut out gluten 100% (which is what i’m supposed to do for my thyroid anyway but i was slipping back into old habits) then i don’t swell.  it was that easy.  now i don’t have to watch my sitting and standing time.  i may have to as Eli grows but it is a huge relief for now.  i was basically on bed rest with caleb by 33 weeks because i literally could not walk around and do much.  some days i’m shock over this.  i’ll look down at my feet and admire the fact that i can still see my ankles. they’re pretty good lookin ankles.

i still struggle with a full night’s rest but not as bad.  i don’t wake up as often and i don’t have insomnia.  i find my workout routine and Caleb really help this. 🙂 oh, and no restless leg symptoms so far! praise the Lord!  i tried doing some research and there’s not much that can confirm what causes it.  i make sure i have my protein (80 grams) each day and this seems to help the sleep/RL correlation.  i also see a chiropractor so i’m sure that helps tremendously, too.

i have gained 18-20lbs.  i am right on track with gaining 30lbs for this pregnancy which is the goal.  a midwife believes that most issues start with nutrition (or lack thereof) so i try to stick with our paleo/primal diet.  i have added cheese, whole milk, and cottage cheese to get the extra protein i need.  on this diet i know i’m getting the recommended protein each day as well as awesome nutrients from fruits and veggies for both Eli and me.  therefore i can eat within these limits and gain and lose whatever i need.  it’s so nice not to have to stress about gaining 20lbs over, etc.  i was never once told about any of this by my doctor.  i knew about the protein but only because i read so much.  i was told that all the pain i was feeling was normal because i was pregnant.  i’m so thankful to have a friend in my midwife who cares about how i’m feeling and works hard to relieve that pain.

so now the real countdown begins!

summer bucket list – lake trip

oh gosh, i should not have waited an entire week to write this all out…i’m starting to forget! mombrain.

1.  every year my dad’s side of the family spends a week (or more!) at Proctor Lake in the summer.  we’ve been the last 4 years since we now just live 2 hours away.

2.  we left our house around 6pm friday night and arrived at 8pm.  everyone was gathered at my grandad’s campground having dinner.  caleb and my dad headed down to the water while dane set up the tent before it got dark.  that night dane and i slept in our tent while my dad, his girlfriend (jan), caleb, and emily (jan’s granddaughter) slept in my dad’s camper.  it was so nice.  the weather was absolutely perfect.  not hot and muggy and it was cool at night.

3. the next morning we woke soon after the sun came up and my dad made us a big breakfast. caleb and emily loved going down to the lake shore and throwing rocks in the water.  then we’d get them to come back up to the campground and swim in the baby pool.  saturday was a loooooong day.  in the best kind of way.  it was just us and the lake and it was glorious.

4. the babies went down for a nap around noon and dane and i struggled to find a plan.  we didn’t really need to nap, we felt pretty rested!  and we didn’t really want to swim…i’ve become such a wimp when it comes to lake water.  i grew up bathing in that stuff and now i won’t go near it. so, we decided to head into “town” which happens to be Dublin.  Dublin Bottling Works (formerly known as Dublin Dr. Pepper) was hosting their annual Birthday Bash and my mom’s entire family had attended sometime throughout the day.  we showed up at the tail end of the festivities and ran into some family members.  we grabbed a root beer float (because we’re bad!) and visited at my granny’s house for about an hour.  i don’t have any photos of this.  it was about 3:30pm by then so we decided to stop by Dollar General on the way back to the lake to buy useless toys and snacks.

5. that evening the boys flew (or tried to!) kites and my great uncle made us a wonderful dinner at his campsite (across from ours).  like is said before, the weather was perfect.  it only reached 80 for the day and started to cool off fairly early.  it was just a great time being outside with family.

6.  went to bed around 9 or 10.  i have the third trimester no sleep curse where i toss and turn most of the night.  on one turn i grunted (attractive, i know) which made dane wake up and ask if i was OK.  funny note:  he wasn’t actually fully awake.  i’ve probably mentioned here before but he’s kinda known for this.  he is a HEAVY sleeper.  he will “wake up”, have a conversation with you, and not remember anything the next morning.  but this time, he did open his eyes for a split second after laying back down and he saw lightning in the distance.  he immediately bolted upright to assess the on-coming storm.  within two minutes the wind started to gain momentum.  we didn’t have our weather cover over the tent so he started working on that.  i was still laying in the tent fully awake by then.  i kept thinking how horrible the wind sounded and then i realized we left almost everything outside by the picnic table.  it was my turn to bolt outside except i know it wasn’t near as graceful as dane.  i had a hard time getting in and out of the tent with my round belly.  anyway, we managed to attach the cover (upside down and the wrong way) and grab most of the valuable things and went inside the camper.  we were both feeling pretty adventurous and wanted to stick out the storm in our tent.  but i didn’t want to be stupid about it.  dane quickly checked the radar and it showed the storm would be heavy rain and wind but no tornadoes.  yay!  so we headed back out to the tent.  we stayed awake for the entire storm.  it’s extremely loud and scary when you think your tent is about to blow over.  we had water seep through the seams and it soaked through some of our sheets at the edges of the tent but that was all.  the storm died down about an hour later and dane and i were able to take a little nap before it was time to get up.  i think the storm was from 4:30-5:30am.  so we were pretty tired the next day.

7.  sunday morning was nice and cool and started out the same way saturday did, with a delicious breakfast.  we headed over to my great uncle’s camp for some breakfast burritos.  then it was back to our place for the final hours of our trip.  dad took the babies down to the water several more times and i just lounged at the picnic table and read a little bit.  we packed up our stuff, kissed our kiddo, and drove home.

8. i took an hour nap when we arrived home and then we went to a movie since my dad was keeping caleb at the lake for a few days!  it was nice to have a few days to myself but i really can’t be away from him for more than 2 days.  i get all mopey and depressed.

all in all, it was a wonderful trip.  i am so thankful we have been able to keep this tradition since caleb was born.  and i can’t wait to take Eli next year!


















grandma lisa

i’m convinced this is the most loved kid in the entire world.

grandma lisa came to visit for jack’s first birthday and stayed with us a few nights.

it’s strange that i didn’t make the ‘grandparent’ connection with my own.  like most kids i LOVE my grandparents.  because, well, they love and dote on me.  but now that i’ve had kids i can SEE the weird/cool/wonderful/beautiful bond that happens between a grandparent and grandchild.

it really is magical.

in a harry-potter-unbreakable-vow way.




sweet sleep

we are so blessed with a good little sleeper.  since turning 3 caleb has still been sleeping in until about 7:30 or 8 in the morning and taking a 3 hour nap.

except for that one week where he tried to drop his nap completely.

silly kid.

we’re changing things up (again!) around the Henson Home for baby’s arrival so we switched caleb’s room and the nursery.  his room is now much smaller but it’s just the most perfect space for him.  we also upgraded him to a twin size bed for him to grow into.  he absolutely loves it.

this was naptime after cousin jack’s birthday party.  he’s just so perfect.



bucket list – friend sleepover

this actually happened a few days before our bike ride but we were in the process of switching up rooms right after i took some photos so i didn’t have my computer for awhile.  now, i’m typing on my keyboard which sits on my new hand-built standing desk.  it’s awesome.


as with most events, i meant to take more photos.  but, these kids had a BLAST hanging together for 24 hours so we were busy.

we went and picked up jude after nap on a thursday afternoon.  this photo was taken that evening after about 20 minutes of playing in our backyard.  they’re both sweating.  and my kid was just pure crazy by then.  we knew they wouldn’t sleep well (and we didn’t really care) so we put them down kinda late…maybe 9pm…after dinner.  we tried having them in the same room.  by 10pm we had to move jude into our empty extra room.

jude got up a few times in the night.  most likely scared of the environment but then went back down easily.  then caleb woke up around 5am and couldn’t handle his friend sleeping any longer so we were ready to go by 6am.  we headed to the park by 7am to play in the cool weather.  i could tell they were both tired by 10am so we couched it and had a snack and started a movie.  jude was totally into the movie but caleb could not handle the fact that his friend WAS ACTUALLY AT HIS HOUSE so he got and literally started running around the house.

“caleb, do you need to go potty?!” i asked as he headed down the hall, galloping.

“no, i WANNA RUN!”

oh my word, kid.  you’ve only had 6 hours of sleep and have climbed every structure at the park.  YOU ARE TIRED.  so i threw them in the pool and sprayed them down with the hose.  they were naked and loving it.  next up was lunch and then they settled in for naps, early, around 12pm and slept most of the afternoon.  we took jude home around 5pm friday night.

i had an event to attend that night around 7:30 and got home around 10pm and….then….crashed.

i’m so glad caleb has a best friend at such a young age.  their love for each other is mutual.  can’t wait to have jude-man over again!

Wild Ride Bike Ride




We woke up at 5:30am on Saturday and headed to Richardson for our family bike ride (mine and Caleb’s longest yet!).

Oncor was one of the sponsors of the event and Dane is an official rider for them. Hence the official looking jersey he’s wearing. I’m only a little proud of him. 🙂 Anyway, we had to be there for an official photo with the Oncor team.

So after the photo we found the hospitality table and, y’all, it was legit. They had chick-fil-a breakfast sandwiches, fresh fruits, homemade muffins and cookies, chocolate milk, and all the other amazing junk food everyone loves right before a big ride.

There were three rides…16, 40, and 64 miles. Dane could easily have done the 40 mile and probably the 64 mile. But not Caleb and me. So we lined up with all the other families, newbs, and amateurs at 7:30am for the 16 mile trek. The weather was exactly perfect. Breezy, cool, and clear.

Our plan was to ride easy but quickly the first 9-10 miles until the rest stop. I wanted Caleb to have a chance to get out of the trailer, walk around, potty, and grab a snack. Around mile 10, we hadn’t come to the rest stop and saw other riders start to question our route. Turns out we were lost!! We stopped and talked to a few others and checked the map.

I won’t hold back here…I was super bummed. It looked like we were 2-3 miles outside the route and we had missed the rest stop! It was definitely a mental thing. I was feeling fine and we decided to give Caleb a phone to play on since he was getting restless so I knew he could make it another 30 minutes. I could sense the disappointment in Dane, too. To top it off we rode the next few miles of straight hills and it was starting to heat up. Ugh.

But after 10 minutes we were feeling better and knew we were (at least) halfway done. We started seeing familiar signs and volunteers and knew we were nearing the finish.

It ended up being way closer than we thought!! When we crossed the finish line, my Strava app read right under 16 miles!!

So we rode to our car and Dane packed everything up for us. Caleb and I walked around the festival aimlessly eating pizza and soda. Caleb was dooooooooone. Just so very sleepy. And we had to get home so Dane joined us for a few minutes to grab snacks and we headed out. Caleb and I crashed on the way home. Then we showered and dressed in an hour and then drove an hour and a half to Stephenville for my niece’s birthday party.

Needless to say, we were all doooooooone when we got home at 8:30 that night. We fell asleep immediately and “slept allll night” (Caleb says it like that).

Overall, it was awesome. Dane will do a big ride next then I’d love to get another family ride in before the baby and before I can’t even get on a bike anymore.

BUT, I will request that it’s under 16 miles. With a clearly marked map. 🙂